Adapt your resources

Make your resume coincide with the job description. Your resume is a medium in which you will list your skills and talents. What’s even more important is that you can also use it to show potential employers that your skills fit their needs. So, take some time to adapt it to each job you postulate. Search for keywords and topics in the job description and make sure your resume highlights those terms.

For example, if a job requires “excellent communication skills” be sure to include specific examples of ways in which you have used those skills in the past.

You do not need to completely renew your resume every time you post it. Just be sure to highlight your skills that are most important to the particular job.

Create a personal profile. At the beginning of the résumé, tell employers a little about you. Write a short paragraph that tells the employer your skills and let you know the specific talents you can bring to the job. Keep the paragraph brief and in a professional tone.

In a few sentences, describe your most important skills.

Avoid imprecise skills such as “organized”. On the contrary, it uses descriptive terms such as “negotiator”, “good for making decisions” and “able to manage time”.

Write a cover letter. Many jobs require only a resume, but others will request a cover letter. Always have an eraser on hand and be prepared to adapt it to the details of each job. A good cover letter should explain your experience and talents. Use specific examples to describe the reason why you fit perfectly into the post you postulate.

The job description might ask someone to work as a team. If that is the case, you could write about how, during your internship, you took care of organizing a project in which many practitioners worked.

Try to limit your cover letter to a page

Edit carefully. Check your resume and cover letter several times. Be sure to correct any spelling or grammatical errors, and then ask a friend or family member to read them, as a couple of fresh eyes can detect errors that you may have missed.

Perfect your presence on the Internet. The search for modern employment is done mainly through the Internet. Therefore, it is important that you give a good impression online. Therefore, take care of creating positive and professional profiles in social networks, because you never know when a potential employer could review your information.

For example, create an impressive profile on LinkedIn with a brief headline like “Research Analyst.”

  • Use the space provided to list your talents and experience.
  • Do not forget to edit your profile.
  • Include your contact information and a link to your resume.

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