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How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

The question here is how to eliminate credit card debt and not how you got into it?How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is a problem that is faced by a lot of individuals today. Some people say that our world was probably unable to understand the concept of credit cards altogether due to the pace at which it leapt at us. Well, sometimes even small concepts can be misunderstood too. You can’t blame people for mistaking credit cards as lottery money (or a new found treasure).

How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt Fast

The first thing here would be to prevent the situation from getting worse i.e. control your expenditures so as to prevent yourself from putting on more debt. Already, the applied APR is making your debt grow and you would surely not want to aggravate the situation.

Moreover, controlling your expenditures will help you in developing good spending habits too which will become handy even after you have wiped off your debt. Using cash sometimes, instead of credit card is one of the way of exercising restraint. Not getting carried away with the various sale offers is another important way of controlling your debt situation and preventing it from getting worse.

Another rule when it comes to how to eliminate credit card debt is -not use more than 70% of your credit limit at any time. In fact, try to keep it a very bare minimum until you have the things in control.

Debt consolidation is a good option too. It involves transfer of balance from one or more credit cards to another credit card (which has a lower APR and more benefits).

However, do not treat the new credit card as another source of free money. Also, it’s prudent to compare various balance transfer offers available in the market and read their fine print, before making your selection.

Another option could be to check with your current credit card company and see if they themselves can offer you a lower APR and hence save the hassle of moving to a new credit card. It does work at sometimes.

If you can, then try and pay off some of your debt. It will not only reduce your debt as such but also reduce the APR burden on you. You could even look at closing some of your credit card accounts especially those on which the annual fee and the APR is more.

Also, do not apply for new credit cards just because you have more or less exhausted your credit limit on your current credit card(s). This is a perfect recipe for disaster. Moreover, if you are in such a bad situation then it is very likely that your credit card application might not be approved in the first instance.

Besides credit cards, refrain from other kind of borrowings too e.g. loans etc. You would not want to switch from one type of debt to another. Would you?

Always remember that most of your purchases can wait for later. There is nothing like the peace of mind that you earn after you find how to eliminate credit card debt (or any debt for that matter).

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