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The Serious Game of Golf

You will never be upset as long as you give it your best to the game of golf.

Take the game of golf seriously

If you are going out to play a round or two you will need to look the part. As you know, the attire is very special. You can't just play golf wearing a T-shirt or jeans. You need to look dignified while gracing the green.

You should have a solid colored top like a polo shirt and some khaki colored pants. This is an underlined etiquette though not a set rule.

You should have decent behavior and perfect manners on the green. You need to be respectable from the minute that you pull into the parking lot to the minute you pull out.

You should try to arrive as early as possible for the game of golf or at least 15 minutes ahead of time to be fair to the other players. This way you can start earlier or socialize before the game. It's better to be early than late. No one wants to wait for anyone else!

Be punctual for your game of golf

If you are late, you might as well tell them that you'll catch up later or that you can't make it.

Most of the time you will be meeting for an informal business meeting so you will want to show up on time and before you start the game of golf, you will want to warm up.

It is advisable to go for some exercises and stretches so that you don't end up hurting yourself. Simply move your arms about and do some stretches so that when you drive you don't end up pulling a muscle.

Warming up will get the blood pumping and you can feel more at ease while you play. However, don't get too psyched because it's usually not for money and your performance is just for fun.

There are no sore losers on the green. If you play your best at the game of golf, you should always be at it, especially if you are playing with business associates.

You will want to act respectably. You will want to stay calm and take whatever happens with a grain of salt. Make sure that you don't lose it and throw anything or use inappropriate language.

As long as you give it your best, you will never be upset. If you lose shake the hands of all players, say nice game, and let them know that you don't have any hard feelings.

Don't feel pressured to lose to your boss. They don't want that; just give it your best. They will appreciate your game if you are better than them.

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