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Comply With Golf Rules

Understand what you need to know and comply fully.

Understand golf rules if you want to become a great golf player.

It is important to understand and follow the golf rules when you are out on the green so that there is no distraction or confusion with the other golf players.

If you want to look as professional as you can you will need to study the golf rules so that you are ready to play. One golf rule is that you need to play the course in order.

You must use the holes as they go. You may not skip any of the holes when you are playing golf.

You should also know that in match play, each of the holes is a separate contest. If you win the first hole, you are one up and if you loose, you are one down. It is very easy to comprehend and just takes a little time to get used to.

When stroke play is in use, the competitor with the lowest total score for the round is the winner. You must play the ball into the hole before starting the next hole. Anyone that you are playing with is considered a fellow competitor.

In the game of golf, you will have golf equipment to carry on with you and you may not carry more than fourteen clubs on the green.

Unless you loose your ball, usually you cannot change the ball that you use on the green in a game as well. Then you are allowed to get another regulation ball.

You should not do some things when you are playing golf. These are a few good golf rules to follow so that you can be sure to play the game in the correct manner in order to be fair for everyone.

Read the notices that are given to you by the officials and make sure that you are in full compliance and understand what you need to do. You should always use your proper handicap as well.

Make sure that you are on time and this is one of the golf rules that you must follow. You should always know when your tee time is and you need to be prompt.

Be sure that you are there and fully prepared for the game. Has all of your accessories and equipments that you will need to play the game. You should also know the golf rules that you keep playing no matter what the weather conditions.

This is of course unless you start to see lightning. Then you must get off the green at once!

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