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Golf Swing Tips

Golf swing - you need to know when to shift your weight and this is where your balance comes into play.

To improve your golf swing, just think of the basics

One of the biggest problems that golfers tend to do is that they don't think about the process, but just swing at the ball.

The hard part isn't hitting the ball; it's getting the ball to the area that is desirable for the game. You need to understand what you have to do to produce a shot that is good and to continue to be consistent every time.

To become more accurate you should go through all the steps of a string so that you can improve your game. There are only three parts of the club that you need to get familiar with.

First, you need to know about the club face. The club face is what controls your golf ball. You also need to know the club head that controls the dimension of your golf stokes.

The shaft is what will control the plane of your golf swing. As for the golf stroke, there are centrifugal force, hinge action and inclined plane.

They all have to do with the parts of your club and they will affect your golf stroke positively or negatively. You should know that for a good gold swing you need to have steady head movements, balance and some rhythm.

Basically you don't want to move your head like your bobbing for apples, you need to look down and up once to get your body lined up. The key is to know when to shift your weight and this is where your balance comes into play.

As for your rhythm, the club shaft should move at the same speed and time as your left arm. You might never bend your left arm (if you are right handed) for a good stroke.

You also will need to take your back swing, hit the ball, and continue with the follow through. If you don't follow through, the ball will not be hit as good as you would have liked.

You need to look at your stance before you do anything. Separate your legs comfortably but you don't have to feel like you are stretching. A comfortable stance is what will make your shot go far and it will help you focus on other things like your golf swing.

A golf swing just doesn't improve overnight and need daily practice.

Go to the golf range and practice or you can practice at your home, but not hit the ball. If you have an open field, you can proceed to hit the ball, but if you just practice and think about your stance and your swing, you will notice that your game will improve.

Golf Tips
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