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About Tiger Woods and Golfing

How did Woods got his nickname "Tiger Woods"?

Tiger Woods was born on December 30,1975 with the name Eldrick Woods.

He has become one of the most well known and prominent American golfers and he is very well known around the world because of his achievements in golfing.

In fact, in 2005, he made an estimated 87 million dollars, notably became the highest paid athlete in the world. Golf has been Tiger all the fame and glory, not to mention the money that any golfer could ever imagine.

Because of Tiger Woods' performance, he is known as the person who sparked the fire or interest in golf for many Americans. Tiger, in his early 30's, is known as a champion and won several PGA tours. In fact, Tiger has won more PGA tours than any other golfer.

He's won the fortune and the fame way before any of his colleagues. He is among the youngest and fastest successful professional golfer n the world. To hit it truly big, it will take some people decades, but Tiger did all before he was even thirty.

Woods got his nickname "Tiger" from a friend of his father. It was because he knew that Woods was going somewhere with golf. He was very well known as a competitor, and challenge for amateur golfers and adopted the name "Tiger".

No one knew that his name would eventually mean "Tiger king of golf"? Recently, Tiger Woods got married to a Swedish model and now live in a home in Florida costing $39 million.

He continues to play golf and continues to impress the world. However he has been in the news lately because of a scam concerning his wife.

Though what lies ahead for Tiger Woods is not evident. However, Tiger being a very rare athlete will always be a champion. There aren't many, upcoming players that can touch Tiger's legacy, but there will be plenty of people trying.

Tiger Woods has dedicated his entire golfing career to his father who had died a few years ago. On several accounts, Tiger has told the media that it was his father, who allowed him, to be so focused on his performance.

All of his support and encouragement came from his father. Tiger has gone from a small amateur to one of the most famous golfers in the world. The game or sport of golf owes everything to Tiger Woods.

He is what brought the interest in golf back to Americans and has influenced thousands of people to begin to play golf and watch it on TV. When you watch American golf, it is to see Tiger Woods play.

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