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After School Program Ideas

Typically, after school program can be divided into 3 broad categories: recreation, academic and social. Balanced development takes place when there is compatibility between the mental, physical as well as the educational achievements of the child.

After school program ideas are based on recreation or a sport. Some of the more common physical activities include swimming, football and basketball.

Some clubs offer programs like trekking, gymnastics and hiking. Youngsters, in this case are often given a short class in first-aid.

After school program ideas include offering children an opportunity to let off some steam and to destress themselves.

A day full of textbooks and writing in a closed classroom atmosphere cause the child to repress his natural enthusiasm. He has to curb his energy while sitting quietly in class and learn.

Physical activity is an all-time low during such times. This physical lethargy and inaction is countermanded by recreational activities.

Growing concerns of obesity and child diabetes make it necessary for children to indulge in some strenuous exercises that will allow them to work up some sweat.

Unlike educational programs, recreational programs do not tax the mental processes. But, they do aid the learning process by making children more active.

A child who is physically active is mentally fit, and is able to focus his thoughts on the work at hand. Additionally, recreational programs teach mechanics of teamwork, discipline and fair play. These are important lessons in the growing process.

Children face greater isolation as more and more nuclear families emerges. Many children shuttle between their classroom and their bedrooms and do not have any meaningful relationships outside these.

Recreational programs offer ample avenues for socialization. This is a place the child can go to and play even when his neighbor is not the most welcoming. The Boy / Girl Scout programs are excellent after school program ideas.

Lately, survival classes and camps have devised to combine important survival skills with games and sports to educate children on how to handle emergencies.

Like any good after school program, recreational after school programs are designed to give children a safe area where they can indulge in some group activities that really interest them.

This is one of the most effective ways to keep kids out of the streets and out of trouble. But, one has to be careful when enrolling children for recreational classes.

The age of the child, is physical caliber, his temperament has to be taken into account before you choose the right program for your child.

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