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  • Learn How To Get Started Buying Your First Home, virtually risk-ree especially if you are a first time home buyer …
  • Blind Dating Audio Book - Teaches you how to enjoy a Blind Date without the danger of having a bad time or even humiliation. Learn everything there is to know before your next date.
  • Baby Safety Tips to childproof your home for a fraction of the cost to have a professional do it. Baby safety products or devices are easy to find at hardware stores, baby equipment & shower kit shops and supermarkets...
  • Uncovering the Benefits Of Baking Soda and Vinegar in "Miracle Report" to help you eliminate some of the scourges of modern day living such as harmful chemical usage in the home.
  • Dealing with divorce, you'll discover how to win back your self esteem after divorce, how to just let go of the guilt and depression and start your journey to a better life.
  • Family Finance Planner is a quick and easy bill organizer software tool which can help you get organized and manage your finances to help you track where your money is going,
  • Nice Guys Finish Last - Discover why Nice Guys, Shy Guys And Good Guys are not doomed to finish last when it comes to women and relationships!
  • Essential Guide To Organizing Your Home - you will find home organizing tips that will make your task much easier. Inside you will find practical closet organizer, home organizing ideas and techniques
  • With Power Of Online Dating, a pasty white computer nerd got 14 hot dates in 47 days. Women are laughing at 95% of profiles of men dating online, not because they are ugly or funny, find out why...
  • Learn how to make homemade soap and candles that will have your skin feeling refreshed, radiant and so smooth. Create romantic homemade soap candle that will bring joy and harmony to any home.
  • Many brides spend lots of money on expensive plastic wedding favors and wedding gifts for their guests with no sentimental value and guests spend lots of money on gifts for the bride and groom that don't hold any special meaning.
  • Join 'Dating Success' newsletter and download 'Learn How to Avoid the Top 10 Dating Blunders' so You Can Have a GOOD Time on Any Date - ranging from traditional to the infamous blind date.