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Gardening Gloves

Unless of course you have invested wisely in garden tools, your first contact with the garden are your hands, but even with tools there is no getting around the fact that you are going to need to get your hands dirty, and along with that you can expect the scratches, bruises and cuts that are inevitable.

You should consider investing in good gardening gloves to protect your hands against damage. There are several different types of gardening gloves on the market and they all have their benefits and downsides.

The cheapest of these gloves are those made of cotton that are comfortable but not quite as durable as other gardening gloves.

These gloves will wear out faster than the more expensive gardening gloves and can become heavy when wet, which can make your hands quite cold in the colder weather.

Also you don't get much protection against thorns and other sharp objects that you might encounter.

Alternatives to these are a combination of leather and cotton, as the leather portion of the glove will offer some protection against cuts. These gardening gloves will still get water logged and have a limited lifespan.

The composite spandex/lycra gloves that are available are a better option as they will last longer and they won't get water logged like the cotton gloves.

They are also very comfortable to wear. You will need to consider getting some rubber gloves if you are working in wet conditions a lot of the time.

Rubber gloves will ensure that your hands stay dry all the time. If you work with roses quite often there are gloves that cover your hands and your arm right up to your elbow.

These will allow you to work in comfort and safety while protecting your skin against damage. And finally there are many people who don't like wearing gloves at all but need some form of protection. You can get spray on gardening gloves.

These are a silicon spray that will seal your hands from grime and possible infection and will make cleaning your hands after you have finished gardening a breeze.

While these 'gloves' won't offer you any protection from scratches and cuts they will help to keep your hands clean and that is a bonus.