Employment concept

The concept of ’employment’ is attributed more than one meaning. From a perspective, it can be understood as the action and the effect of generating work and offering jobs. As you know, to employ is a verb that refers to keeping an individual occupied (either by requesting a service or hiring him for a certain remunerated function), investing money in a purchase or simply using something.


On the other hand, the word is used to mention an occupation or trade. In that sense, it is usually used as a synonym for work.

For thousands of years, the form that linked people through work was slavery. It was an unfair situation associated with property, where the worker was a slave that had become the property of someone: his master. The owner could use the slave or sell it according to his will and, of course, appropriate the fruit of his work.

At the beginning of the 19th century, slavery lost strength in a framework marked by the advance of trade unionism and democracy.

Currently, the most widespread form of employment worldwide is salaried work (in relation to dependence). The employee or worker establishes a contract with his employer, which establishes the value by which the labor force will be sold and the conditions under which the job will be provided. The price of work is known as salary or remuneration, and can be paid on a daily (daily wage), biweekly (fortnightly) or monthly basis (salary).

In this sense we have to say that the global crisis that is taking place in recent years has brought with it that the word that occupies us is “in the mouth” of all citizens because many are those who have lost their jobs because of the same. Hence, in turn, they have seen the need to carry out the use of various job search tools.

Among them we could quote the letters of presentation or the usual curriculum vitae. However, the rise of the Internet has made it possible to use the Network to find a job. In this specific case, the way to achieve this objective is using the specific employment portals to the websites of the companies through social networks.

Some spaces in the latter in which the candidate in question discloses their data, their professional experience and their academic qualifications in order to “sell” themselves as a true expert in a specific subject. And is that social networks do not only act as “perfect showcase of promotion” but also provide the possibility to the person in question of being able to directly contact companies and people who can provide a job.

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