How to add a title to your resume

Writing a resume is important and there are many tips on what to include and how you should organize the information. An important aspect, which is often overlooked during the creation process, is to add a good title. This is especially important for people who have more experience, although it is also necessary for those who are just starting to work. A title summarizes your capabilities and captures the recruiter’s attention immediately. This increases your chances of being considered for the position.

You must be specific and concise. Because you only have a few words to write the title, it is imperative that you make it specific and relevant to your abilities, just as it should be for the position you are postulating.

A title that is very vague will not say anything about you. Also, a title that does not correspond with the job will assure you the rejection. Keep in mind that it is better not to have a title to have one that is irrelevant.

Remember that the title should only be one sentence. It should not be a complete sentence that communicates your values as a candidate. If you make a title that is longer than that, your purpose will lose value and that is not desirable.

Make sure the title matches the job description. It is very important that your title matches the post to which you are postulating.

A good way to make sure of this is to use keywords from the job offer. In this way, the recruiter will immediately recognize that your capabilities match those of the job description.

Keep in mind that you may need to modify or personalize your title to make sure it matches each post you postulate. This may represent more work, but the effort will be rewarded through calls for interviews or perhaps getting the job done.

You must understand that a title is not always necessary. When you are preparing or editing you immediately to apply for a job, always remember that the title section is desirable but not mandatory.

In fact, it may not coincide with the particular position, situation or even the job you are postulating.

Imagine you have a varied experience and a short title can be limiting. In these cases, leave the title aside and send your resume without it. That may work, however, be sure to analyze the situation before making a decision.

Look at examples of effective titles for resumes. When you make your own title, it may help you look at some examples of effective and attractive titles such as the following:

Goal oriented HR officer with 3 years of experience in global personnel management

  • Successful marketing manager with multiple product launches
  • Freelance writer with mastery of technology
  • Professor of Initial with experience in handling behavior problems
  • Bilingual, detail-oriented secretarial assistant

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