How to answer the question “Why should we hire you?”

In general, the question “Why should we hire you?” In a job interview is a standard question for potential employees. Unfortunately, answering this question badly could reduce your chances of getting a job. To answer this question well, you must prepare yourself thoroughly for the interview and relate your skills and aspirations to the goals of the company.

Find out about the company. You should know a little about the business culture and hiring practices before entering. If possible, learn from the examples of employees about the type of person that is right for this company, so you can explain how well you will go.

Use the internet to search for information. You are likely to find former employees with whom to converse through the means of digital socialization. It reviews the company’s digital social media and financial reports.

  • Check the website of the company to find out what they value; an excellent place to look for this is what indicates the mission of the company.
  • Also, check out the latest news to find out what the company has been doing recently.

Carefully analyze the job description before the interview. Several days in advance, read the job description well. Use another sheet of paper to divide the description into groups.

Divide it into a list of skills and experience the company wants. Match your skills with each of the lists. It could be difficult to decipher what the company wants from an employee exactly because it often uses unclear language. You have to learn to read between the lines. For example, “dynamic” usually means someone who can approach problems and excel with confidence, while “entrepreneur” means someone who can take the initiative when you have to do something. A “partner” is someone who can work well with a wide variety of people.

If possible, divide it into two categories of “requirements” and “would be good to have”. Focus all your attention on “it would be nice to have” since if you get the interview, chances are you have the required skills.

Relate your skills and experience to the needs of the company. Write a detailed response to each requirement that the company asks for in the job description. Remember that you must describe why you are solving the problems of the company.

For example, if the job description indicates “running a small team” as a necessary experience, indicate the positions you have held and any accomplishments you have.

Use any relevant experience, including jobs outside the industry. For example, if you worked in a fast-food restaurant in college and directed other people, that shows a relevant experience.

You can also mention an experience in which you have occupied a position without receiving a salary, especially if you have not had many jobs. For example, running a group on campus or even performing as a trainer for an internal sports team also counts as an administrative experience.

Choose 3 or 4 points. Once you have related your skills to the job description, choose the 3 or 4 best to focus on them when you give your answer. You do not want your answer to be scattered, so pick the points where your experience matches the most important parts of the job description.

Practice your answer. Give your answer in front of the mirror. Then face it with a family member or friend. Practice sometimes to remember the main ideas. You do not want your answer to sound rehearsed, but the main ideas must depend entirely on your memory.

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