How to find a job you love

Finding a job you’re passionate about is no easy task. The reality is that universities do not teach you to find the job of your dreams. They only teach you to send resumes and go to job fairs where, hopefully, some company will hire you as a trainee to do your first practices. That’s how we all started.

But time passes quickly (very very fast) and before you know it you can see yourself in a boring job, with a boss you do not like, and a salary that is below what you deserve. If you want to prevent this from happening to you, or if it is already happening to you, in this article I give you the keys (and examples) on how to get a job that you are passionate about.

How to find a job you love

Normally when you finish your university studies, you have expectations about yourself, and goals that you would like to fulfill. Be it money, professional success, social status or happiness.

I also discovered that many of my colleagues, and many of my friends, the same thing happened to them, but nobody did anything, just accept it. In fact, 80% of people hate their job or complain about it continuously.

I also discovered that, for me, living a sad life is not an option. You only live once, and you should make your life the best possible experience. Steve Jobs sums it up very well in this sentence:

“Your time is limited, so do not waste it living the life of another person. Do not let the noises of other people’s opinions quiet your inner voice. Have the courage to do what your heart and intuition say.”¬†– ¬†Steve Jobs

If you want to live a worthwhile life, choose a job that is worth it. Do not live a sad life.

Let’s now see the process you can follow to find a job that you are passionate about:

  • You must be open to opportunities

If I asked you when you finished college, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Surely you would not know to give me an answer, or if you gave it to me, I’m sure the reality is quite different 5 years later. No one can predict the future, and that is the big key.

Many people fall into the error of what is known as “paralysis by analysis”. They have jobs they hate, or they just do not like, but they do not change the situation because “they do not know what to do.” Questions are asked about how they could change their situation, but they never see beyond their reality and do nothing to change it. I know, because I have been one of them.

Some take an optimistic attitude, they think that by magic, chance or luck their situation will change at any given time. Others, the pessimists, resign themselves and accept that their life does not depend on them but on destiny or other people. They blame life or luck and thus seek solace. In both cases, the explanation is the same: if you adopt a passive attitude, do not expect your life to change.

In the words of Albert Einstein:

The definition of madness is to always do the same, and expect different results.

Instead, the winners have a proactive attitude, are not afraid to change and leave their comfort zone, and as a consequence, take advantage of the opportunities that passive people let escape.

That’s why I want to tell you the story of a friend who is the perfect example of how to create opportunities to change your destiny:

A little more than a year ago, talking to a friend, she told me that she could not do more, wanted to quit her job and travel for a while in Southeast Asia. I encouraged her to do it. So my friend made the trip, and what happened? who apart from traveling through Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Borneo, met a person who offered the job of his dreams.

They began to talk, and this person was fascinated by the story of my friend. A Western girl traveling alone for three months in Southeast Asia is worth admiring, and more if to do so has left a safe and well-paid job.

A year later my friend is working happily in India, with a much better job than she had, besides having lived a great life experience with her trip through Southeast Asia.

I also left two jobs because there was a point that I felt like a zombie. Believe me, it’s not worth living like this. If it is your situation, I do not encourage you to quit your job if you are not clear what to do. If you have debts or a family, or any kind of burden, your situation will be more complicated.

But I do encourage you to be open to opportunities. But to get those opportunities, you have to propitiate them. If my friend had not made that trip, I would never have known this person, and never would have found the work of her dreams.

People who want to get a job that they are passionate about proceeds completely differently than passive people do. Winners create opportunities by getting to know the right people.

For example, when I decided that I wanted to start a business, I started going to all the entrepreneur’s events in my city, meeting people, forming relationships, contacting Linkedin and letting me know.

Three months later, I had agreements with investment funds seed capital, and I was working on a coworking with people who have had great success on the Internet, people who have given me the guidelines to build this web and my youtube channel.

Today it is easier than ever to promote these opportunities, you can use Linkedin to find work, attend a multitude of networking events and build your personal brand on the Internet to make you know.

So forget about sending 100 or 200 resumes a week, that’s what most people do because they have no idea what they want to do with their life. Forget about choosing just one job “for doing curriculum” or for earning a salary that will never grow in the future.

In the words of Warren Buffet:

Get out of your comfort zone. Choose a job that you are passionate about and enjoy every day of your life.

  • The job you are passionate about is the one for which you have extraordinary talent

Passion is the result of excellence. When you stand out or stand out on something, it’s because you like to do it. The best example of this is the elite athletes. I like the example of Messi.

I think if there was no football, Messi would never be a millionaire. It is because in soccer he has found his element, because he enjoys what he does and because he has an innate talent for it.

No one is going to offer you the job of your dreams if you are not really good at it. So you must look for that innate talent you have for certain things, and exploit it as much as possible to provide the opportunities you need to get the job of your dreams.

  • You can not know if something you do not like until you try it

An extended myth in self-help books is to ask yourself hundreds of questions and answer all of them, in order to find your true and great passion, which will make you happy.

Yes, it is true that there are a number of questions that you can ask yourself, and that is really useful when it comes to finding what you are passionate about, but in general terms, it is impossible to know if you are passionate about a set of hypotheses.

You have to try it to know if you like it or not. A child knows if he likes chocolate ice cream when he tries it. If you do not try it, you simply will not solve anything by asking questions about its taste, color, or temperature. With work, the same thing happens. You have to try it to know if you like it.

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