How to improve the quality of employment

In our life it is advisable to always do things as little as possible. It happens that complicated rules are usually broken.

In the case of the labor market, to create better positions can be implemented by facilitating hiring, reducing working hours, extending the retirement age and modifying the system of layoffs.


Another of the proposed slogans is to make employees work 6 hours to live 18. In this way, they will have more time to devote to their leisure tasks, to enjoy with the family and to do other activities. The note ensures that there is no reason for people to spend more than half of the hours of the day working or going to the workplace.

The 6 hours, with a small break in between, will make the employee more productive, can reconcile his personal life and obligations and, as if that were not enough, companies will need more staff and will have to offer new job opportunities .


As for unemployment compensation, the money should come from a fund to which each company would contribute a monthly sum and that would be in the worker’s name. In this way, when an employee is dismissed, the employee will be guaranteed collection and, at the same time, the company will not have to make a large outlay.

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