Pay attention during the interview

Listen carefully. Do not think that you have finished your preparation when you arrive at the interview. You must have a piece of paper with you to take notes. Write down the keywords and identify the specific characteristics and skills that the company is looking for according to what the interviewer tells you.

Look at what you have not had a chance to say. Maybe you have not had a chance to highlight your interpersonal skills. Alternatively, you may not have had a chance to talk about your computer skills. Take a note in your paper about these lapses, so you can talk about them later on an open-ended question, such as “Why should I hire you?”.

Evaluate what the interviewer thinks of you. For example, you might notice that the interviewer believes that you are too qualified for the job if you constantly ask about your years of work experience and what you would do if there are younger people you are in charge. Alternatively, the interviewer may feel that you do not have the right skills for the job, which you may have noticed if you ask about a specific skill that you have not developed much.

Press to get more details. If the job description was not very detailed, feel free to ask some questions. In this way, you will have a better idea of ​​what the work consists of, so you can answer a question more directly.

Ask questions such as “On what goals should the person who is hired be concentrated immediately?” Or “What characteristics do you usually look for in a new employee?”.

You can also ask something like “What is a normal day in this position?”.

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