Personal valuation proposal

It sure has happened to you sometime. They have called you for a job interview, they want to meet you and hopefully you could get the job. So you go on time, you have perfectly prepared the questions and answers that can be done in a job interview , you have researched information about the company and the person interviewing you. You have everything ready.

However, the interview does not go as well as you expected, you answer certain difficult questions , but you are not able to connect with the interviewer, nor to convey clearly why they should hire you and not another. What happened? that you have not correctly defined your value proposition, and without it, it is difficult to succeed in a job interview.

So in this article I want to talk about a little known, but key aspect to get a job: define your proposal of personal value.

Thinking like an entrepreneur: What is the value proposition?

The value proposition is the way in which a company formulates the benefits of its products or services so that its different segments of customers choose those products or services in front of those of its competitors.

It is about describing the value they create for their customers in terms of competitive advantages like price, design, exclusivity, customization of products or services, novelty, utility, comfort, brand or other relevant factors.

In order to define this value proposition, it is essential to know in detail each customer segment, and the reasons why the customer is going to pay for the service or product. There are usually 4 reasons why a customer pays for a service or product. It solves a problem that the customer has : such as a mechanic fixing a breakdown of a car.

It covers a specific need : for example a supermarket offers food and basic necessities for the day to day.

Satisfying a desire : a smartphone in addition to covering the need to communicate, satisfy desires like taking photos, access social networks, share content or play video games.

Satisfying aspirations : Business schools are aimed at young professionals who aspire to increase their salary and their professional status through the studies they take in these centers.

What is the personal value proposition?

Your personal value proposal conveys to your potential client (the company that hires you) the potential benefits that the company would get if you hire them and why they should choose you versus other candidates.

The value proposition in short, allows you to sell your skills, professional and personal experience in a unique and different way to the rest of the candidates who choose a job.

Strategies to convey your value proposition effectively

Just as important as defining your value proposition is knowing how to convey it properly. To achieve this, you must develop your personal marketing as best as possible. You can carry out a series of measures in this regard:

Create your own personal brand : this is what professionals like actors, singers, politicians, writers or reputed entrepreneurs like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs do. They associate their name with a style of music, a series of films, a political party, a book or a telephone. The personal brand allows you to position yourself within the labor market and differentiates you from the rest of the competitors you may have, increasing your professional value and therefore economic to the companies.

Define your Linkedin profile correctly and create a brilliant resume : your Linkedin profile and your resume are key parts of selling your value proposition, since they are similar to a sales letter of a product or services where the customer can read the characteristics of that product or service and decide.

Create your own blog if you are looking for a job : if you are a specialist in some type of work, start sharing your knowledge. Let Google know that you exist, and bring value with your blog to the segment of customers you go to. As I said, a blog is a huge competitive advantage to get a job. In your curriculum you say that you know how to do something, in your blog, you prove it.

If you enjoy a good personal marketing strategy that helps you position your personal value proposition in the labor market, and you also have a series of competitive advantages that differentiate you from other professionals, you will be in a position to negotiate better salary conditions. You will go from being part of being a job seeker to being sued by the company.

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