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Learn Arabic with Ease

Learn Arabic CD-ROM

Regardless of whether you are a serious student or a businessman our system will enable you to learn Arabic with ease from the comfort of your home.

The Arabic Language

This Arabic Language Deluxe package is designed specifically to suit both groups of learners or those who are just fascinated by the Arabic language and its culture.

In this self-paced, CBT system you'll learn Arabic by reading and writing scripts and speak the Arabic phrases, sentences and frequently used expressions.

Hypertext makes this learn Arabic Language Deluxe package easy to use with your mouse. Simply follow the explanation on the note panel and click on the desired subject.

It's fun and easy to learn Arabic lessons in the privacy of your own home or office. The more you click, the more you'll learn.

Arabic Deluxe Package. This package comes Arabic Read Write Way + digital audio CD "Arabic On The Go".

CDROMCD designed for: WinMac

Arabic Deluxe Package Multimedia CD: US$28.99



Arabic Language - Read Write Way CDROMArabic Language
The Read and Write Way

Main features:

  • Step-by-step guide to master letters and sounds
  • Easy and accessible approach to learning and listening to words and expressions
  • Animation hints for authentic handwriting skills
  • Vocabulary builder for building up your Arabic language vocabulary
  • Progressive report system for exercises
  • Practical topics from real-life situations
  • Additional MP3 sound format lets you study the language on the go.
  • Self-paced, CBT system Learning
  • No installation needed - auto run on PC OS or Mac OS

CDROM CD designed for: WinMac

Arabic "Read Write Way" Multimedia CD: US$18.99



Learn Arabic Audio CD

Learn Arab Language

The "On The GO" Way

You'll learn frequently used phrases and expressions of Arabic. It makes essential Arabic language enjoyable and easy to learn - just listen and repeat with the native speakers.

This audio CD is a companion to Arabic Deluxe CD-ROM. You can use it as a standalone CD to study Arab language, or to refresh what you learned at home or at work.

The recordings have been specially designed to develop your vocabulary by having you listen and repeat with the native speaker's voice using 3 simple steps.

  • Select from over 20 topics
  • Listen first to the English translation of the Arabic phrases or sentences, then follow the sounds repeated by the native speaker at normal speed.
  • Use the this Deluxe CD-ROM's vocabulary builder function to test yourself, and get a progress report.
System Requirement:

For Audio

Audio CD player. or computer with CD-ROM drive and a media player

Audio CD designed for CD player CDROM

Learn Arabic "On The Go" Audio CD: US$17.98