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ASL Sign Language Learning

ASL Sign Language CD-ROMASL Sign Language Learning Course is now available on CD-ROM. This is the only tool you'll need to master the skills needed for this marvelous America Sign Language.

Containing over 500 commonly used signs in a dictionary format, you are sure to learn what you need in the least amount of time possible.

It's a self-paced CBT ASL Sign Language System:

ASL Sign Language CD-ROM is a self-pace, CBT sign language learning system where you'll gain the ability to communicate with the hearing or speech impaired.

With ASL Dictionary For All Ages:

Together with the accessibility of a ASL dictionary format, is one of the simplest software to use. Each sign is shown with clear, step by step, animations for maximum retain ability. Because it is animation, it is also fun for children of all ages.

Learning Mode and Testing Mode:

You'll find included in this ASL Sign language CD-ROM, a fully functional test application to reinforce and to ensure positive result. Two testing options are available; one will test all the signs, while the other will keep an accurate track of your progress and test you on only the signs you have selected.

A useful desk reference translator is also included in ASL Gold. It covers all the ASL language sign, plus each sign has been translated for French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Making this cross-reference ideal for anyone who is also interested in these other languages. Download free sample images.

ASL Sign Language Main Features:

  • Over 500 most commonly used signs
  • Alphabetical format for convenience and quick accessibility
  • Self-testing with scores
  • Alphabet and numbers reviewed
  • Self-paced learning method
  • Clear step-by-step animations of each sign
  • Multilingual
  • desk reference

CDROMCD designed for: Win

ASL Sign Language Multimedia CD: US$16.88