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Chinese Language for Mac

Chinese Language for Mac

CyberChinese is a Chinese language learning course for high school or college students who are taking first year Chinese.

It provides students with a stimulating and responsive environment for learning and drilling Chinese.

This is also for non-native speakers who are facing the challenges of learning pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

CyberChinese addresses the challenges and allows him or her to tailor the tutorial to suit individual schedules, needs and interests.

This is for Chinese language teachers as well, who can use it as a teaching assistant. At the end of each lesson, CyberChinese grades the student's responses to the drills and prints out the results.

This Chinese language course has received favorable responses from both students and colleagues in Chinese instruction.

The students who have used CyberChinese call it their "Computer TA" since it is always available to the students, always ready to drill them or review them. The instructors find that it helps them assess student performance and needs.

MAC Version
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Tone Explanation

Chinese Language Tones Explanation: This Card allows the student to see an animated graph which illustrates the contours of the four tones.


Sounds Multiple Choice

Sounds Multiple Choice: Students click "Play Sound" to hear a syllable or syllables pronounced and choose the correct syllable in pinyin.


Vocabulary Tutorial

Vocabulary Tutorial: Students are introduced to Chinese characters. The students may access more detailed information in the Character Stack.


Grammar Game

Chinese Language Grammar Game: Build a response sentence by dragging characters from the tree. The apples "ripen" when used. Once the sentence is completed, click on "Check Answer." If the answer is correct, you may move on!

System Requirements:

A Power Macintosh running System 7.5 or later; a color monitor; and a CD-ROM drive.

To Run:

  1. Insert the program learn Chinese language CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Double-click CyberChinese 1.0 folder, choose and double-click file.

Read More:

To download User Manual eBooks for free. Click here.


If you are running MAC OS 9 or later, you can install the Chinese Kit from the MAC OS installer CD. Simply choose "Customize Installation" and select the two versions of the kit to install. Then click on the "Install" button to complete installation and restart your computer.

If you are running a version of MAC OS prior to MAC OS 9, then you must install the kit as a separate software package from Apple computer. We recommend that you upgrade your OS to MAC OS 9, as it and the kit, are much more stable in this version of the OS.

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