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Learning Chinese Language

Chinese is the most commonly spoken language on planet earth.

Learning Chinese Language CD-ROMIn the mainland China alone there are 1.3 billion speakers. It is also the oldest language in the world with a continuous history of at least 3,000 years.

Learning Chinese Language from the comfort of your home

If you want to learn Chinese language and at the same time acquire the necessary skills to be on your way to fluency, you are in the right place.

Chinese Learning System comprises of two programs on one CD-ROMs; Beginners Chinese and Everyday Chinese.

Learning Chinese Language is easy with our unique Chinese Learning System consisting of 2 levels:

1. Chinese for Beginners

2. Everyday Chinese

Chinese for Beginners was engineered for the effortless absorption of language fundamentals, focusing on sounds, tones, phonics, alphabets and basic vocabulary used in everyday conversations.

Before you know it, you will be speaking Chinese. This is because it builds your knowledge of the fundamentals through lessons that gradually increase in difficulty.

Everyday Chinese is intended to provide you with maximum exposure in order to learn Chinese in the shortest time.

The best results can be achieved when learning Chinese language when the system allows for full immersion to increase your working vocabulary by presenting in a wide range of conversational situations.

Simply select the lessons that best suit your needs when learning Chinese language, just point, click, and listen. Read more...Preview

CDROMCD designed for: Win

Chinese Learning System Multimedia CD: US$24.99



Chinese For Beginners CDROMChinese For Beginners

Chinese for Beginners is a comprehensive program to learn Chinese and is tailored for the novice learner. There are no phrases to memorize or verbs to conjugate.

Learning Chinese language by absorbing through a series of self-guided and easy-to-follow lessons that gradually introduce with explanations in English. In addition, you will see its written form, offering you a more complete understanding.

After completing all 20 lessons, you will have been introduced to a large working vocabulary and acquired the ability to converse in many common situations. Read more...Preview

CDROMCD designed for: Win

Chinese For Beginners Multimedia CD: US$17.99



Everyday Chinese CDEveryday Chinese

Everyday Chinese is an immersion course in everyday conversation. It is designed to give you maximum exposure in the least amount of time.

This learn Chinese course accomplishes this by arranging lessons into logical categories based on everyday conversational situations. Using our Navigator TM function, you can go directly to the lessons that are most useful for you.

This product for learning Chinese language introduces you to over 3000 phrases and useful vocabulary items. Plus, you will have the opportunity to thoroughly practice the different sounds and tones of the Chinese language.

An easy to use pronunciation guide will make the most difficult part of learning Chinese language fun and effortless. Read more...Preview

CDROMCD designed for: Win

Everyday Chinese Multimedia CD: US$17.99


lineLearning Cantonese CD-ROM

Learning Cantonese Course

This CDROM for learning Cantonese contains over 3000 words, phrases and conversations, making it the best value in interactive software for learning Cantonese. It is equally suitable for students, busy business people or the leisure travelers.

This program covers useful topics like greetings, shopping, transportation, asking directions etc. In addition to an enormous vocabulary, you will also learn about phonics, grammar, and usage.

By pointing with your mouse, the program automatically shows you the equivalent of the word or phrase you pointed at.

To listen to the translation, simply click on the word or phrase you wish to hear. The record/playback technology enables you to record your own voice onto the computer and allows you to compare your pronunciation with the recorded voice of a native speaker.

CDROMCD designed for: Win

Learning Cantonese Multimedia CD: US$18.00


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