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English Grammar Builder

English Grammar Builder Deluxe Version

English Grammar Builder and English VocabularyRemembering grammar rules has always been tedious. However, the words you use say a lot about your education, and potential.

Correct English grammar makes a lasting impression on friends, co-workers, professors, and managers.

At last, an easy to use software makes it easy for you and help build your English Grammar and works on Windows or Mac.

This new deluxe version contains two CD-ROM:

  • English Grammar Builder + English Vocabulary Builder

By using "learn-by-doing" methodology, this self-paced, self-taught computer-based training (CBT) system will let you master grammar and vocabulary easily and quickly.

This English grammar builder course applies a witty and interactive approach to help you write and speak English with greater clarity and confidence.

  • English Grammar Builder (CD-ROM 1)

This grammar builder CBT course contains a Diagnostic Test Room and a Study Room. In the Diagnostic Test Room you will have an opportunity to test your knowledge and pinpoint your problem areas with one of four tests.

In the Study Room each part of speech contains a quick review, step-by-step lesson and an exercise section. After the Diagnostic Test, you will know which part of speech you need to study first.

By using the hypertext links, you can easily and quickly switch to the topic or exercise you wish to study. Read more...Preview

  • English Vocabulary Builder (CD-ROM 2)

English vocabulary builder is designed to increase your vocabulary for the rest of your life. In the Exercise Room you will have an opportunity to test your knowledge of prefixes, roots, and suffixes to pinpoint your problem areas with the instant test report.

The "Exercise Room" has two major modes: in one of them you could test your knowledge with all 1,500 words, in the other you can work only with the words you selected in the "Study Room". Read more...Preview

CDROMCD designed for: WinMac

English Grammar Builder Deluxe Multimedia CD: Out of Stock