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English For Chinese Speaker

English For Chinese Speaker CD

This English language learning course on CD-ROM (Special Edition) is designed for those learners of English as a second language whose native tongue is Chinese.

English For Chinese Language Course

English For Chinese Speaker CD-ROM contains over 3000 words, phrases and conversations with real voice recording, making it the best value in English language learning software.

This course is equally suitable for students, businessmen, or tourists, for directed or individual study.

This English for Chinese Speaker course covers useful topics like greetings, shopping, transportation, asking directions etc.

In addition to an enormous vocabulary, you will also learn about English phonics, grammar, and usage.

With this English Chinese language CD-ROM, you can point your mouse at a English word or phrase, the program will automatically shows you the translation.

To listen to the English translation, simply click on the word or phrase you wish to hear.

The record/playback technology enables you to record your own voice onto the computer and allows you to compare your pronunciation with the recorded voice of a English native speaker.

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English For Chinese Speakers Multimedia CD: US$24.99


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