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English Grammar Builder

Standard Version

Learn English GrammarRemembering the English Grammar rules has always been tedious.

However, the words you use say a lot about your education, and potential.

Correct English makes a lasting impression on friends, co-workers, professors, and managers.

This grammar learning system was designed with a witty and interactive approach to help you write and speak English with greater clarity and confidence.

Learn English Grammar

This course does not force you to memorize dozens of confusing grammatical terms and rules.

Instead, it shows you the logic behind each grammatical rule through interactive exercises and answers - the fun way to learn English grammar.

By using the "learning-by-doing" method, this self-paced, self-taught English CBT system will not only let you learn each lesson but also master it easily and quickly.

The Diagnostic Test and Study Room

This English Grammar CD-ROM is easy to use and contains Diagnostic Test Room and Study Room. In the Diagnostic Test Room you will have an opportunity to test your knowledge and pinpoint your problem areas with one of four tests.

Each test contains 25 questions and several examples to show you how to answer them. After each test, you will get an instant score report of every part of speech.

You may continue to take the test as many times as you wish to track your progress.

In the Study Room, each part of speech contains a quick review, step-by-step lesson and an exercise section.

After the Diagnostic Test, you will know which part of speech you need to study first. By using the hypertext links, you can easily and quickly switch to the topic or exercise you wish to study.

Many New Features:

  • An easy interface makes it easier to select topics and exercises, that are specially designed to help both native speaking people and ESL students.

  • Interactive exercises that includes a scoring feature.

  • The basic parts of speech-nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. with numerous examples.
    Self-paced and self-taught CBT system.

  • Learning grammatical terms and tips and guide with sound files. Which are very important to ESL students.

  • Mac/PC Hybrid CD-ROM.

CDROMCD designed for: WinMac

English Grammar Builder Multimedia CD: US$19.88


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