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English Phonics Builder

English Phonics BuilderDesigned to improve your spelling and pronunciation in English.

With English Phonics Builder you will gain the ability to pronounce unfamiliar words with pinpoint accuracy and at the same time improving your spelling and comprehension allowing you to retain more of what you read.

Unlike other English phonics learning products which only give you a few combinations of vowels and consonants, leaving you guessing at the remaining sounds, English Phonics Builder, leaves nothing out.

By correctly pronouncing all the sounds for you, you will begin to recognize the sounds of each word quickly and easily. The only thing that it leaves out is the guesswork.

Learn grammar rules with English Phonics Builder (CBT) edition is for all ages:

This is the only computer-based English phonics tutorial available today, created especially for adults to improve their spelling and pronunciation but simple enough for children.

The best of all, the program has no tape to rewind or fast forward. Just select the lesson you want and listen. It is that simple.
Phonics Builder

Self-paced Training- Learning Mode and Testing Mode:

This CD-ROM covers from A to Z, beginning with alphabet sounds, you can progress through long and short vowel sounds, letter combinations, and finally, to syllables, prefixes and suffixes.

This course gives you the skills and confidence to speak and spell better. The Exam Room, with its visual and audio feedback will ensure that you achieve the desired results, which you will see after the first time you use it.

With English Phonics Builder you will learn:

  • Alphabet Sounds
  • Short and Long Vowels
  • Combination Sounds
  • Silent Letters
  • Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Beginning and Ending Sounds
  • Word Definitions

Phonics Builder Features:

  • Study Modules
  • Testing Modules
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Audio and Video Tutoring
  • Interactive Learning
  • The Latest in Record/Playback Technology

Phonics - grammar rules

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Phonics Builder Multimedia CD: US$19.99

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