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Expanding English Vocabulary

Expand Your English Vocabulary CDStudies have shown that a strong command of English vocabulary significantly increases the chances of getting a better job, being successful, or just generally getting ahead in life.

With Word Power Builder you can readily expand your English vocabulary and your horizon.

A large and sophisticated vocabulary ensures better communication, both in private life and the work place.

Difficult words in real-life context:

Word Power Builder is a series of tools for you to learn new English vocabulary. It contains 1,500 difficult English words with 4,500 examples that show their use in context.

The examples are not made-up sentences but actual sentences from works of English classics such as novels of Dickens or Mark Twain.

It is invaluable for students who are taking the SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, or any other standardized examination that tests your level of vocabulary.

Your Self-paced interactive Word Power Software:

English Vocabulary Word Power Builder is an interactive learning system with which you can work at your own pace. Being able to listen to the new words eliminates any guesswork in pronunciation.

Regardless how you decide to utilize English Word Power Builder, it will automatically keep an accurate account of your progress each time you use it.

By having this electronic register, you will be able to select the proper lessons and quizzes to optimize your learning effort.


  • 1,500 difficult words
  • 3 real-life examples for each word
  • Synonyms for each word
  • Definition of each word
  • Hyphenation of each word
  • Real voice recording of the correct pronunciation
  • Selecting words for exercise


English Vocabulary Word Power Builder comes with a series of exercises. The "Exercise Room" has two major modes: in one of them you could test your knowledge with all 1,500 words, in the other you can work only with the words you selected in the "Study Room".

  • Dictation
  • Synonym to word (multiple choice)
  • Word to synonym (multiple choice)
  • Meaning to word (multiple choice)
  • Word to meaning (multiple choice)
  • Hyphenation
  • Sentence completion (fill-in)

Screen shots:

Word Power Builder Study Room

This is the "Study Room" where you can view definition and hyphenation of a word, browse through the examples of its usage in context, and hear how it is pronounced correctly.

Word to Synonym

This is one of the scenes in the "Exercise Room" where you test yourself with either all of the words on the CD-ROM or the ones you selected to work with. In this case it is the "Word to Synonym" exercise. The right bottom corner contains the score panel where you can measure and keep record of your progress.

CDROMCD designed for: Win

Word Power Builder Multimedia CD: US$18.99



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