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Learn Foreign Language

Everyday Level

Learn Foreign Language CD-ROMOnce you have worked through all the lessons of the learn foreign language - Beginners level, you are ready for our Language Course for Everyday Series.

Speak or learn foreign language quickly and easily by clicking, listening, repeating over 3000 words and phrases.

You can record your voice and compare it with that of a native speaker to improve your pronunciation.

Hypertext makes the CD easy to use -- simply move your mouse around on the page, follow the instruction on the note panel and click on the subject.

The fun and easy way to acquire an invaluable skill which can enhance your personal life and career, in the privacy of your own home. Learn as much as you want with the click of a button - the more you click, the more you learn.

Learn foreign language - Everyday Level:

Cantonese | Chinese | Dutch | French | German

Greek | Hebrew | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Latin

Portuguese | Russian | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese

Common Features:

  • A guide to pronunciation
  • Useful Topics: Greetings, Instructions, Shopping, etc.
  • Explanations of grammar and word usage

Screen shots

Learn foreign language - Everyday Series CD-ROM consists of over a dozen topics. On the Main Menu screen you can point the mouse over any topic and get a description of the content of that lesson.

By selecting one of the topics, you will get a list of words and phrases related to that topic.

Everday Japanese Screenshot

Screen capture from Everyday Japanese

Within a section you can position your mouse over any "hot" text (marked by red color in the CD) and have a little window come up with the corresponding word of phrase in the target language.

For languages which do not use the Roman alphabet, the Romanized transliteration is also displayed.

You can hear the sound of the highlighted word or phrase by clicking on it. All sounds are recorded by native speakers, no computer-generated voice is used.

You can also record your own voice by clicking on the microphone button and then play it back to compare your pronunciation with that of the native speaker.

Everyday Korean Screenshot

Screen capture from Everyday Korean

The CD-ROM also includes a detailed grammar section. This part is essential for moving beyond the initial steps in learning a language.

You can go back to the Main Menu form any place in the program by clicking on the Menu button located in the right bottom corner of the screen.

Everyday French Screenshot

Screen capture from Everyday French

To ensure your success, the program is equipped with the latest in record/playback technology so you'll be able to compare your pronunciation to the recorded voice of a native speaker.

With only a few clicks of your mouse, you could obtain an invaluable skill that can enhance your personal life as well as your career.

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