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Learn Chinese The Easy Way

Follow Me Learn Chinese

This Learn Chinese program is for children, adults, students, native speakers and non-native speakers who have the desire to master Chinese from ground up.

Follow Me Chinese CD-ROM is also for parents, who will use as a desktop reference to guide their children for reading and writing Chinese characters correctly.

It's also for teachers who cannot spend too much time to teach every student individually.

This learn Chinese course also benefits students studying Chinese in the classroom who may not get enough time to practice what they have learned. Students can use this CD-ROM as tutor to develop fundamental skills for mastering Chinese.

As with other learn Chinese courses, reading and writing are entirely separate skills.

Everyone, even native speakers, must make special efforts to acquire reading and writing skills. Chinese is no exception.

Non-native speakers cannot afford to spend too much time to learn reading and writing skills.

"Follow Me Chinese" is designed to help children, adults, native and non-native speakers learn quickly and systematically. Through this CD-ROM, you'll develop a desire to master Chinese.

Part I is devoted to character fundamentals: the stroke and radical. You'll practice and learn more than 200 characters as radicals, most of which will appear later as more complex components.

By learning these various components, students will facilitate the process of learning more complex Chinese characters.

In Part II, you'll learn Chinese writing, reading. You'll practice, learn more than 400 basic characters, and 1,200 phrases - showing you how to put the characters together in the context of example phrases.

New features:

  • English speakers will learn Spanish also.
  • Spanish speakers will also learn English.
  • You can also can learn English and Spanish.
  • Students learn how to count strokes, read, write and type through vivid animation of strokes and stroke order for each radical and character.
  • Powerful search function lets you input through Pinyin or Unicode to locate words associated with the translation of Chinese characters, English and Spanish.
  • User friendly navigation panels bring you to any page of this application. If you know how to use a web browser to navigate a web site, you already know how to run this application.
  • Click to listen and repeat the sounds recorded by native speakers.
  • Online workbook provided to allow practice from home or on the go!

System Requirements: MAC/ISO Hybrid CD-ROM

MS Windows:
PC running Windows 98/ME/XP/NT4/2000, or later; Minimum 128MB, color monitor and CD-ROM drive.

Power Macintosh running System 7.5 or later, color monitor, and CD-ROM drive.

Read More:
Download e-Book for free here.

Follow Me Chinese US$38

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