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Learn Cantonese Language

Learn Cantonese LanguageThe Cantonese language is spoken by more than 70 million people mainly from various parts of mainland China including Guangdong, some parts of Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macau.

Cantonese is also spoken by Chinese minorities in Southeast Asia as well as by many overseas Chinese of Guangdong and Hong Kong origin.

Learn Cantonese Language from the comfort of your home

Although different dialects of Cantonese are spoken depending on area. The most prestigious is the Guangzhou dialect, also referred to simply as "Cantonese".

Learn Cantonese Language is easy now with 3 Cantonese language package available:

1). Learn Cantonese Deluxe (includes package 2 and 3)

2). Learn Cantonese Language System CD-ROM

3). Cantonese Practical e-Dictionary CD-ROM

Speak a Chinese dialect - quickly and easily by clicking, listening, and repeating over 3000 words, phrases, and dialogues.

The proven way of learning Cantonese language and get result is to compare your voice with the native speaker's voice to help improve clarity.

Hypertext makes this CD-ROM easy to use - simply move the mouse on each page, follow the explanation on the note panel and click on the subject.

This Learning Cantonese Language Course is the fun and easy way to learn the this dialect in the privacy of your own home or office. Acquire as much as you want with the click of a button - the more you click, the more you gain.

CDROMCD designed for: Win

Cantonese Deluxe Multimedia CD: US$28.99

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lineCantonese Language Dictionary

Cantonese Language Dictionary

A Practical e-Dictionary of Cantonese New features:
38 special word lists by category:

Get translation quickly and easily from English to Cantonese or vice-versa
Cross-platform e-dictionary views and prints with fonts, images and formatting intact.
An e-dictionary in large type for readers who need or prefer larger than regulation size print.
A talking e-dictionary recorded by native speakers designed to give you instant translation and pronunciations with click of a mouse
Both simplified and traditional Chinese are covered for your choice.
Complete with English entries, modified Yale Romanization and Chinese characters.
It does not require additional Chinese OS or Chinese fonts.

CDROMCD designed for: Win

A Practical e-Dictionary of Cantonese CD: US$18.00

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Learning Cantonese Language

Learning CantoneseThis learn Cantonese language CD-ROM contains over 3000 words, phrases and conversations, making it the best value in interactive software.

It is equally suitable for students, busy business people or the leisure travelers.

This learn Cantonese language course covers useful topics like greetings, shopping, transportation, asking directions etc.

In addition to an enormous vocabulary, it also teaches you about phonics, grammar, and its usage.

By pointing with your mouse, the program automatically shows you the equivalent of the word or phrase you pointed at.

To listen to the translation, simply click on the word or phrase you wish to hear.

The record/playback technology enables you to record your own voice onto the computer and allows you to compare your pronunciation with the recorded voice of a native speaker.

Learning Cantonese System New features:

A guide to pronunciation
A guide to pronunciation
Special characters and meanings in Cantonese
Pitches (tones) drill
Everyday phrases drill
Useful topics: Greetings, Introductions, Shopping, etc
Explanations of grammar and usage

CDROMCD designed for: Win
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Learning Cantonese Language Multimedia CD: US$18.00


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