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Learning Thai Language

Thai Culture

About Thai Language

Thai is the primary language of more than 60 million people in Thailand, a country in South-East Asia.

If you are seeking information on learning Thai language please read on.

Learning Thai Language with Thai Interactive

Linguistically speaking, the Thai language is related to the languages spoken in Northern Vietnam, Eastern Burma, Laos, and Yunnan.

Before learning Thai language you may be want to know the basic to enhance your learn Thai experience.

There are 44 Consonants in Thai, many of them are rarely used; two of them considered obsolete and are not listed. (see Special Characters)

These 44 consonants create 21 different sounds, and are divided by Class: High, Middle, and Low. Although memorizing the class of each consonant is crucial , remember that these classes are only the first step in determining tone.

There are 28 traditional vowels. Vowels appear in front of, below, above, and in combination will appear surrounding a consonant.

These vowels and vowel combinations will always appear in the same position relative to the consonant. The sound of the vowel will always follow that of the consonant.

In Thai, grammar is considerably simpler than grammar in Western languages, and for most students, this makes up for the additional difficulty of tones.

However, most significantly, words are not modified or conjugated for plurals, tenses, subject-verb agreement or genders.

Learn to speak Thai

Learning to speak Thai to DancerTravelers from all over the world who have visited Thailand, always have the desire to revisit the country again and again.

They enjoyed the numerous beaches, canoeing, scuba diving, the night life, Thai cuisine, seafood, Tomyum Kung, Thai traditional massage, but the most memorable thing is they live like kings and queens when in Thailand.

The only regret most visitors had was they could not speak Thai. If they could speak Thai, even simple phrases, then their stay will be even more enjoyable and fun.

Learning Thai language has become a priority for many people before their next visit to the land of smiles.

Places to learn Thai Language

Thai Palace and find places to learn ThaiLanguage schools, large and small where you can learn Thai can be seen at almost every corners of major cities in Thailand, especially Bangkok.

Advertisements about learning Thai can be seen from newspapers, web sites, banners and flyers.

There are also those who offer personal tutors to teach you to speak Thai at your place of residence. Fees range from US$15 per hour to something like $200 for a crash course of 20 to 30 hours.

But to learn Thai is not really that difficult as it may seem to the beginners.

But not all of you have the time to attend classes to learn Thai. Fortunately, learning Thai language is easier than you ever though possible. You can learn to speak Thai from the comfort of your home.

First Thai Interactive by Matthew Courage

About the author...

Matthew Courage, who was raised in Thailand, later became an expert on South East Asian linguistic studies. His famous Thai Interactive 1.1 was greeted with rave reviews in early 1997 from English media in Thailand.

Much of the early work on the course was from the US military's Thai learning courses of which the Australian Defense Force School of Linguist has provided much help towards the development of Thai Interactive version 1.1.

The latest Thai Interactive Version 2

The new era in learning Thai language the interactive way begins with Thai Interactive Version 2.

Version 2 is a great improvement over the popular version 1.1, with more contents, more vocabulary words, is easier to learn and many more functions. This new course for learning Thai language is designed for the serious student and the system offers.

Learning Thai language before your next visit to the kingdom.

  • 99 chapters
  • 2900 phrases
  • 11,000 vocabulary words
  • 26 quick reference categories
  • 36 exercises
  • 5 crossword puzzle generators
  • 8 print activity engines
  • 15 reference tables

Now you can read and learn Thai at the syllable level, practise exercises which cater to both beginning and advanced students, and a structure which monitors student progress.

Simple yet effective methodology...

  • Study ... using resources designed to help
  • Trace Thai language into grammatical structure
  • Load exercises with specific database course content
  • Create and print puzzles with the click of a button
  • Monitor your progress with reports which can be saved

Thai Interactive enables you learn Thai from the fundamental up, learning the tones, vowel, sound and consonants without going to a language school.

System Requirements:

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and above. Minimum 64mb Ram, Multimedia.

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Thai Interactive Course Overview

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